Hide Bernard Fin-Grinner, Professor

Clean shaven, Short hair, Dark-Chocolate skin tone, African-ancetry, Wrist-Needler on each arm, Workaholic, Devoted to friends & comrads. Layed-back, relaxed demeanor.


Name: Prof. Hide Bernard Fin-Grinner
Player: Pervert Windowasher
Points = 150
Unspent = 0
TL: 10

Ht: 5’ 9"
Wt: 158 lb
Age: 52
Points: 150

ST: 10{+0}
DX: 11{+20}
IQ: 13{+60}
HT: 10{+0}

HP: 10{+0}
Will: 13{-0}
Per: 13{+0}
FP: 10{+0}

Basic Lift: 20
Damage: Thr 1d-2, Sw 1d
Basic Speed: 5.25
Basic Move: 5
Encumbrance: 0
==== ====
Move: 5
Dodge: 8
Parry: 8 (Electric Stun Wand)
Block: 0
DR: 30 / 15
Appearance: 0
Conditional: {+1} from ‘Honesty’ when becomes known
Conditional: {+3} from ‘Honesty’ if question of honor or trust is involved
Conditional: {+2} from ‘Sense of Duty’ if in danger
Conditional: {+1} from ‘Workaholic’
Conditional: {-1} from ‘Workaholic’
Status: 0
Others: 0
=== ===
Advantages: 45
Magery 4 {+40}
Magery 0 {+5}
Perks: 0
Disadvantages: 50
Code of Honor (Police) {-5}
Curious (12 or less) {-5}
Honesty (12 or less) {-10}
Sence of Duty (Small Group) {-5}
Stubbornness {-5}
Weirdness Magnet {-15}
Workaholic {-5}
Quirks: 0
=== ===
Skills: 54
Beam Weapons/TL10 (Pistol) =11{+1},
Computer Operation/TL10 =13{+1},
Cooking =12{+1},
Dancing =10{+1},
Detect Lies =11{+1},
Diplomacy =11{+1},
Electronic Operation/TL10 (Electronic Warfare) =12{+1},
Electronic Operation/TL10 (Sensors) =12{+1},
Electronic Operation/TL10 (Surveillance) =12{+1},
Fast Draw (Electric Stun Wand) =11{+1},
Fast Talk =12{+1},
First Aid/TL10 =13{+1},
Gesture =13{+1}
Gunner/TL10 (Beams) =11{+1},
Gunner/TL10 (Missiles) =11{+1},
Gunner/TL10 (Repulsors) =11{+1},
Gunner/TL10 (Sandcasters) =11{+1},
Guns/TL10 (Pistol) =11{+1},
Interrogation =12{+1},
Intimidation =12{+1},
Judo =10{+2},
Knot-Tying =11{+1},
Law =12{+1},
Leadership =12{+1},
Linguistics (Human) =11{+1},
Lip Reading (Human) =12{+1},
Mimicry (Animal Sounds) =11{+1},
NBC Suit/TL10 =10{+1},
Observation =12{+1},
Piloting/TL10 (High-Performance Spacecraft) =10{+1},
Poisons/TL10 =11{+1},
Politics =12{+1},
Propaganda/TL10 =12{+1},
Psychology (Human) =11{+1},
Savoir-Faire (High Society) =13{+1},
Savoir-Faire (Military) =13{+1},
Savoir-Faire (Police) =13{+1},
Scrounging =13{+1},
Shadowing =12{+1},
Shortsword =10{+1},
Soldier/TL10 =12{+1},
Stealth =10{+1},
Swimming =10{+1},
Tactics =11{+1},
Teaching =12{+1},
Throwing =10{+1},
Tracking =12{+1},
Traps/TL10 =12{+1},
Typing =11{+1},
Urban Survival 12{+1},
Vacc Suit/TL10 =10{+1},
Ventriloquism =11{+1},
Weird Science =10{+1}
Techniques: 0
Evade (Judo)
Feint (Electric Stun Wand)
Roll With Blow (Judo)
Wrist Lock (Judo)
=== ===
Spells: 21
Body of Stone =15{+2},
Create Water =15{+1},
Earth to Stone =15{+1},
Extinguish Fire =15{+1},
Flesh to Stone =15{+1},
Ignite Fire =15{+1},
Mind-Reading =15{+1},
Mind-Sending =15{+1},
Purify Air =15{+1},
Purify Water =15{+1},
Seek Earth =15{+1},
Seek Water =15{+1},
Sense Emotion =15{+1},
Sense Foes =15{+1},
Shape Earth =15{+1},
Stone to Earth =15{+1},
Stone to Flesh =15{+1},
Telepathy =15{+2},
Truthsayer =15{+1}
=== ===
Hand Weapon:
Bite = 1d-3 cr Reach: C Lvl:=11(No)
Kick = 1d-2 cr Reach: C,1 Lvl=9(No)
Punch = 1d-3 cr Reach: C Lvl=11(8)
Ranged Weapon:
1 Holdout Laser = 2d(2) burn Acc 3 Range: 100/300 RoF 10 Shots 22(3) Lvl=11 Bulk -1 Rcl 1 LC 3 cost 300 wt .35
Ranged Weapon:
2 Wrist Needler 3mmN = 1d-2 pi Acc 1 Range: 25/100 RoF 3 Shots 25(3) Lvl=11 Bulk-1 Rcl 2 LC 3 cost 400 wt .2
100 3mmN Airgun Ammunition cost 10 wt .5,
1 Bandage Spray cost 15 wt .1,
1 Bug Audio cost 200 wt 0,
2 C cell cost 20 wt 1,
1 Cigarette Lighter cost 10 wt 0,
1 Compass cost 50 wt 0,
1 Datapad cost 10 wt .05,
1 MiniHUD cost 50 wt 0,
1 Pouch cost 10 wt 0,
1 Psi Shield cost 3000 wt .3,
1 Purse cost 10 wt 0,
1 Radio, hand cost 100 wt 1,
1 Small Computer cost 100 wt .5,
1 Tactical Suit/TL10 full suit=all cost 3000 wt 15
3 posters cost 0 wt 0.
SPELLS: {+21}


Professor Hide Bernard Fin-Grinner is fresh out of the officer training. Short hair, clean shaven. Workaholic. Devoted to his friends and comrades. Courteous, never curses. Very diplomatic. He can mingle with the police officials, military brass and high society crowd. He can even Ball-Room-Dance. A born leader and teacher. Not a bad cook, either. Of-course, what good is a button-polisher if he can’t type fast and fill out reports, right?
Hide is well trained in interrogating techniques. Detect lies, Interrogation, Intimidation, Psychology, then switch to Politics, Diplomacy, Propaganda and he can Fast-Talk a suspect into tripping himself up.
In the field, Hide is alright with Judo. He’s good at Observation, Tracking and Shadowing. He can spot Traps easily. With his Urban Survival skills and Stealth, he can get close enough to hear conversations. Even if he can’t get that close, he can read lips. He carries a tiny Audio Bug and can throw it exactly where he wants it to land.
In the field, Hide wears a tactical suit. Being fresh out of the academy, he is a stickler about bringing them in alive. He’s good with a Wrist Needler on both arms, loaded with sleeping darts. He knows Judo, too. However, if it comes to it, he is well trained with his laser pistol.
In the cockpit, he can fly acrobatics with a High-Performance Spacecraft. At the same time, he can operate on-board Sensors, Beam Weapons and Missiles. For defense, he also handles the Electronic Warfare, fires Repulsers and discharges the Sandcasters.
Miss Fonda Ray Peters graduated the same day as Hide. He’s much better trained than she is, though, having officer training. Fonda was an few grades ahead of her age, it would appear. She looks like she’s barely 18. Hide has taken it upon himself to kind of be her adopted big brother. There is nothing sexual between them and anyone that wants to approach Fonda, ‘that-way’ they better do so respectfully in his presence.
Together, they joined a team devoted to fighting piracy. A third Interstellar Wars has just ended. A treaty that restricts Terran merchants from undercutting Vilani’s established trade route prices. Pirates violating the treaty could lead to yet another costly war. A few greedy individuals jeopardizing the welfare of billions!

Actually, Fonda and Hide have their own agenda. They both carry powerstones that store mana, the form of energy that powers magic. (The way magnetism powers electricity.) There were teleported here through a magic gate, by a wizard that manufactures the powerstones for a war on his homeworld, known to some as the RIFT. The gate-wizard needs massive numbers of powerstones to help his own war effort. Fonda and Hide were Gated from their homeworld, Banestorm, to the Cyberworld Universe separately when they were very young. For Hide, that was 8 years old. For Fonda, she was almost 30 but Half-Elves live so much longer than humans, she was a child by her cultural standards. The gate-wizard (as he’s called. No one knows his real name) can gate people to the Banestorm Universe, Cyberworld Universe, Traveller Universe, Star Trek Universe, Star Wars Universe and Babylon 5 Universe, to find the gems needed to create the powerstones. Both Hide and Fonda spent most of their lives on Cyberworld, learning modern computer skills and other advanced knowledge and skills. Fonda and Hide both wear a combination ring that when activated will trigger a ‘Banish’ spell that will return them to the gate-wizard’s laboratory on Banestorm. The gate-wizard has a ring, too, but a ‘Banish’ spell sends the target only to its own home(world, dimension, plane, hell, time, whatever), so he would return to his laboratory in the RIFT Universe. If someone wearing the ring and correctly was able to activate the trigger, the spell wouldn’t go off because the person is already in his/her home(whatever).
NOTE:Magic in the Traveller Universe is unheard of. These two characters (Hide & Fonda) are almost unique. To bring this into “play,” while they have the Advantage of spell use they are both cursed with the Prerequisite Disadvantage of “Weirdness Magnet” {-15}. Practically, the entire Traveller Universe is a “Low Mana” area. That means {-5} to skill and instead of regaining 1 point per day, they only gain 1 per week. Also, the “powerstones” must be dramatically separated while regaining these “Mana” points. (Or, only 1 stone will be able to “recharge” at a time.)
It is possible that I bring other “magic users” into the path of the group. Hide and Fonda will have to deal with the problem without exposing themselves.

Hide Bernard Fin-Grinner, Professor

Maintaining PEACE in the galaxy! RodFive