Miss Fonda Ray Peters

Young slender female, fresh from the acadamy. Very quiet and aloof.


Miss Fonda Ray Peters

(Plan to redo the leader and this cadet. Doesn’t fit in the Traveller Universe.)
Very petite teenage female, Skin-tight grey clothes, shoes & cap. Wears tinted glasses. Animals seems to like her.
Author: RodFive
PC in: Maintaining PEACE in the galaxy!
Game System: GURPS

Name: Miss Fonda Ray Peters, Player: Pervert Windowasher,
TL: 10, Ht: 5’ 1", Wt: 97 lb, Age: 57
Points: 150
ST: 9{+0}, DX: 11{+0}, IQ: 14{+60}, HT: 10{+0},
HP: 9{+0}, Will: 14{-0}, Per: 14{+0}, FP: 10{+0}
Unspent points: 0
Basic Lift: 16, Damage: Thr 1d-2, Sw 1d-1, Basic Speed: 5.25{+0}, Basic Move: 6{+5}
Encumbrance: 0, Move: 6, Dodge: 8, Parry: 8 (Brawling), Block: 8 (Cloak), DR:
Apppearance: +1 / +1
Unappealing Includes: +1 from ‘Appearance’
Appealing Includes: +1 from ‘Appearance’
Status: 0
Other: 0
Includes: -1 ‘Delusion (My deity has brought me here)’,
Includes: +1 from ‘Charisma’
Conditional: +1 from ‘Gifted Artist’,
Conditional: +1 from ‘Musical Ability’,
Conditional: +2 when in dangerous situations if ‘Sense of Duty’ is known
Templates: 41
Half-Elf (Banestorm) {+41} NOTE: (Banestorm) points marked as (=BS)
Advantages: 79(=BS) & 40
Appearance (Attractive) {+4}(=BS)
Charisma 1 {+5}(=BS)
Gifted Artist 1 {+5}(=BS)
Magery 4 {+40}
Magery 0 {+5}(=BS)
Musical Ability 1 {+5}(=BS)
Racial DX Bonus +1 (Half-Elf) {+20}(=BS)
Racial IQ Bonus +1 (Half-Elf) {+20}(=BS)
Unaging {+15}(=BS)
Perks: 0
Disadvantages: 35(=BS) & 50
Code of Honor (Elven) {-10}(=BS)
Delusion (My deity has brought me here.) (Minor) {-5}
Racial ST Penalty -1 (Size) {-10}(=BS)
Secret (Non-Human) (Possible Death) {-30}
Sense of Duty (Nature) (Entire Race) {-15}(=BS)
Weirdness Magnet {-15}
Quirks: 0

Skills: 28
Animal Handling (Big Cats) =13{+1},
Animal Handling (Equines) =13{+1},
Autohypnosis =12{+1},
Brawling =11{+1},
Climbing =10{+1},
Cloak =10{+1},
Cooking =13{+1},
Fast-Draw (Knife) =11{+1},
Fast Talk =13{+1} (Conditional {+1} from ‘Charisma’ when making ‘Influence’ rolls),
First Aid/TL10 =14{+1} (Conditional: {+1} from ‘First Aid Kit’),
Fishing =14{+1},
Gesture =14{+1},
Hypnotism (Human) =12{+1},
Knife =11{+1},
Navigation/TL10 (Air) =13{+1},
Navigation/TL10 (Land) =13{+1},
Navigation/TL10 (Sea) =13{+1},
Packing =13{+1},
Piloting/TL10 (Contragravity) =10{+1},
Riding (Equines) =11{+1},
Search =13{+1},
Shadowing =13{+1},
Shield (Buckler) =11{+1},
Streetwise =10{+1}, (Conditional: {+1} from ‘Charisma’ when making ‘Influence’ rolls)
Search (Salt-Water Sea) =13{+1},
Thrown Weapon (Knife) =11{+1},
Tracking =13{+1},
Techniques: 3
Ambush Maneuver/TL10 (Piloting (Contragravity)) =10{+0},
Armed Grapple (Cloak) =10{+0},
Attack from Above (Brawling) =10{+1},
Disarming (Brawling) =11{+0},
Disarming (Cloak) =10{+0},
Disarm (Knife) =11{+0},
Ear Clap (Brawling) =10{+2},
Feint (Brawling) =11{+0},
Feint (Knife) =11{+0},
Retain Weapon (Knife) =11{+0}
=== Spells: *18* Mind-Reading =16{+1}, Mind-Sending =16{+1}, Permanent Shapeshift (Great Gorilla) =15{+1}, Permanent Shapeshift (Raccoon) =15{+1}, Sense Emotion =16{+1}, Seek Foes =16{+1}, Shapeshift Others (Dolphin) =15{+1}, Shapeshift Others (Giant Eagle) =15{+1}, Shapeshift Others (Great Gorilla) =15{+1}, Shapeshift Others (Raccoon) =15{+1}, Shapeshift Others (Tiger) =15{+1}, Shapeshift (Dolphin) =15{+1}, Shapeshift (Giant Eagle) =15{+1}, Shapeshift (Great Gorilla) =15{+1}, Shapeshift (Raccoon) =15{+1}, Shapeshift (Tiger) =15{+1}, Telepathy =15{+1}, Truthsayer =16{+1} ===
Hand Weapon:
Brawling Bite = 1d-2 cr Reach: C Lvl:=11(No)
Brawling Kick = 1d-1 cr Reach: C,1 Lvl:=9(No)
Brawling Punch = 1d-2 cr Reach: C Lvl:=9(8)

Hand Weapon:
2 Small Knife
SWING = 1d-4 cut Reach: C,1 Lvl:=11(7) cost 60 wt 1
THRUST = 1d-3 imp Reach: C Lvl:=11(7) NOTES: 1
Ranged Weapon:
2 Small Knife, = 1d-3 imp Acc 0 Range: 4.5/9 RoF 1 Shots T(1) Lvl=11 Bulk -1 Rcl 0 LC:=4
Ranged Weapon:
Needle Gun (Mounted on wrists)(Poison=Sleeping Drug)
8 Poison Needles,
1 MiniHUD cost 50 wt 0,
1 Nanoweave Tacsuit (all) cost 3000 wt 15,
2 One-College Powerstone (Animal) (Energy 2) cost 300 wt 0,
3 One-College Powerstone (Animal) (Energy 6) cost 2235 wt 0,
2 One-College Powerstone (Animal) (Energy 10) cost 3600 wt 0,
2 One-College Powerstone (Animal) (Energy 30) cost 40782 wt 0,
1 Pouch cost 10 wt 0,
5 Powerstone (Energy 2) cost 825 wt 0

SPELLS: {+18}


Fonda loves animals. She can even change into a few. Actually, she can turn others into them, too. Very useful, sometimes. Each kind of creature for a specific purpose. A ‘Tiger’ for close combat. ‘Great Gorilla’ for muscle. ‘Raccoon’ for getting in small places yet have hands. ‘Giant Eagle’ for flying long distance and carry limited weight. ‘Dolphin’ for swimming.
Unfortunately, Fonda has a secret. Contrary to appearances, she is not a teenager. In fact, she is 57 years old. She is only half human. Her ears are kind-of pointed but not enough to attract attention. She and her friend, Hide, are both magic users. Fonda lives among humans, pretending to be from an Earth (Terran) colony on Mars. For a couple years she and Hide lived on Mars, developing a ‘paper trail’ history and experience full cultural familiarity. They joined the academy at different times but graduated together. Hide has much better training.
Together, they joined a team devoted to fighting piracy. A third Interstellar Wars has just ended. A treaty that restricts Terran merchants from undercutting Vilani’s established trade route prices. Pirates violating the treaty could lead to yet another costly war. A few greedy individuals jeopardizing the welfare of unknown billions or more lives! The Terran Confederation knows the Vilani Empire is massive but don’t know how far their rule spans the galaxy. Should the Empire bring it’s full armada to Earth, there would be little hope in such a war.
Actually, Fonda and Hide have their own agenda. They both carry powerstones that store “mana,” the form of energy that powers magic. (The way magnetism powers electricity.) They were teleported to the Traveller Universe through a magic gate, by a wizard that manufactures the powerstones for a war on HIS homeworld, known to some as the RIFT. The gate-wizard needs massive numbers of powerstones to help his own war effort. Because he is supplying powerstones to be used in war, he is always referred to as, ’The Gate-Wizard." No-one knows his real name or has ever been to his homeworld.
Fonda and Hide were Gated from their homeworld, Banestorm, to the Cyberworld Universe as children. (As elves and half-elves live so much longer than humans, the term children may be defined as one under the age of 50 years old. Fonda is Half-Elf and was sent to Cyberworld just prior to turning 30 years old. Hide was sent when he was 8 years old.) After decades of training in the Cyberworld Universe and equipped with Nanoweave-Tacsuits, Wearable Computers with MiniHUD (Heads-Up-Display) and advanced software, they were ready for their first mission. The gate-wizard also equipped them with powerstones, since they were headed to several low-mana universes. The gate-wizard can send the pair back to their homeworld, Banestorm or to the Cyberworld Universe, Traveller Universe, Star Trek Universe, Star Wars Universe and Babylon 5 Universe, to find the gems needed to create more powerstones. The gate-wizard triggers his own “Banish” ring to return to his home universe. None of his gates go to his homeworld.
Fonda and Hide both wear a combination ring that when activated will trigger a ‘Banish’ spell that will return them to the gate-wizard’s laboratory in Banestorm. The gate-wizard has an identical ring but a ‘Banish’ spell sends the target only to its own home(world, dimension, plane, hell, time, whatever), so he would return to his laboratory in the RIFT Universe. If someone wearing the ring and correctly was able to activate the trigger, the spell wouldn’t go off because the person is already in his/her home(whatever).
When sent to another universe, the pair will arrive in the same spot. That location must be stationary so disappearing from being pinned in battle aboard a spaceship and reappearing safe on a planet ANY distance away will require some pretty fancy explaining. In the Traveller Universe they appear in a secluded area on Mars. Activating one ring does not effect the other. Fonda and Hide both have a Telepathy spell so if time permits, one can tell the other he or she had to use the ring before doing so. The Telepathy spell has distance modifiers that prevent using it between universes.
Each universe has a unique gem that can be used to create powerstones. In the Star Trek Universe, they are called Dilithium Crystals. In the Star Wars Universe, the gem is used to make Light-Sabers. Fonda and Hide know the gate-wizard has many people from different worlds tracking down these gems. They don’t know any of these other ‘agents’, only that there are others. Possibly, even other ‘agents’ in the Traveller Universe.

NOTE:Magic in the Traveller Universe is unheard of. These two characters (Hide & Fonda) are almost unique. To bring this into “play,” while they have the Advantage of spell use they are both cursed with the Prerequisite Disadvantage of “Weirdness Magnet” {-15}. Practically, the entire Traveller Universe is a “Low Mana” area. That means {-5} to skill and instead of regaining 1 point per day, they only gain 1 per week. Also, the “powerstones” must be dramatically separated while regaining these “Mana” points. (Or, only 1 stone will be able to “recharge” at a time.)
It is possible that I bring other “magic users” into the path of the group. Hide and Fonda will have to deal with the problem without exposing themselves.

Miss Fonda Ray Peters

Maintaining PEACE in the galaxy! RodFive