Security for high-tech items.


Each high-tech item carried is protected by defense measures when made. Each item is protected by a unique trigger with a variety of self destruct methods.

When item is completed it is SEALED with a unique measurement of internal PRESSURE and unique measurement of mixed internal gas IMPURITIES. If either of these vary, even slightly, the device will self destruct. A third conditioning trigger is included when a device is programmed for the ONLY user it will EVER recognize. If the device is separated from the user an internal timer is started. A (very tiny) keypad must be used to enter a code (with the point of a pin) to reset the timer AND the user must be in range when it’s done. The items will function only in the hand of the programmed user. When the user dies or is decommissioned, the item is disposed of safely. It cannot be reprogrammed for use by anyone else.

Detonating the self destruct of one item does not ensure the avoidance of detonating the next. By trying to neutralize an acid used to melt a circuit board in one device will not prevent the self destruction of another device using phosphor to burn the internal mechanics. Not all, but several devices will, regardless of method used to self destruct, also detonate a luminous paint spray to identify everyone present when the security of the device was compromised.

These measures are applied to high-tech items that cannot be allowed to fall in the wrong hands. This level of security is never applied to personal items or regular vehicles. A vehicle will simply disable itself if a coded message is received or if a lo-jack is attempted.

If a vehicle is of too extreme of high tech then it may be rigged to make its technology completely unrecognizable to anyone. In the case of a vehicle some near-by lives may be lost when self destruct is triggered. For the potential loss of civilian lives (and high cost of the technology involved) the activation of self destruction is not as easily triggered. If threatened the vehicle may disable itself and emit a location beacon. If the location beacon is silenced incorrectly or if the vehicle does not receive a regular counter signal within a time limit (vehicle is placed in an isolation chamber) the self destruction will occur. Other than these conditions, only the threat of exposing sensitive areas can trigger the high yield, explosive, self destruction and aftermath intended to eradicate any resemblance of how or why the vehicle was different in any way. Justification for bringing such a dangerous vehicle on a mission requires EXTREME necessity.



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