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Anybody home

Anybody home?

Land safely in the driveway. No one comes Outside the house to greet or investigate.


Point of interest

Aerial – Points of Interest

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The economy of the moon has not jumped to suggest any new, large operations in the area. This is just a routine fly-by. (Scroll down to view 2 maps)

Here is a road that ends at a two bedroom house. Not interesting at all unless you notice so much discolored earth behind the garage. Enough to suggest a HUGE underground complex. The discoloration if fading, suggesting the digging has stopped. The garage could house a landing vessel inside but only one. The odds are slim this is a pirate base.

Personal Records
All this started because of an aerial photo that shows the dirt is freshly moved and there is a lot of it. No mining rights are registered anywhere near by. No heavy equipment has been in the area. At least not rented, purchased or hired. Officially, no one has been to the property in 17 years. Starbase security doesn’t keep video records that long. No one ever checks the post office box. No photos of either of the elderly couple can be found.
Searching through records are done. All that can be done sitting behind a computer is finished. Registered blueprints are available. It is time to go to the surface to investigate, up close and personal.
Seamai checks her equipment before letting Dick secure it. Dick locks down the gear in the spaceship, getting ready to enter the atmosphere. Hide does the pre-check list before entering the atmosphere. Fonda strap herself in. Peter is last to get seated as he says his usual battle-cry, “Ready to Blow-It-Up or Punch-A-Hole!”

The Players

Original three heroes: An x-private-eye, an explosives-expert and a doctor(with her dog, Teeth).
Now, two new members: A new leader and young cadet.
An x-private-eye: Mr. Richard Nicolas Palmer
Dick Palmer is the muscle of the group. He carries the gear. He carries the “Crash Kit” and “Surgical Tools” for the doc. A “Suitcase-Lab,” that both the doctor and Peter use. A “Lariat” to lasso either a suspect or for use climbing.
Dick’s hobby is to work with leather. If he likes someone, he’ll make them a personalized, leather wallet, I.D. case or anything he sees you could use that’s made of leather. Dick is eager to please. He’ll do anything for a friend. He earned the nick-name, “Dick’ll-Do!”
He is pretty good with lasers. In fact, he carries 3 kinds of lasers. He’ll get past your armor somehow. On-board he can handle the ship’s lasers and rockets, too.
Dick had picked up quite a few tricks when he was a private eye. However, if he can’t pick the lock quietly, better step back. Dick can kick a door down before you can scream, “Wait!”
An explosives-expert: Mr. Peter Phillip Waver
Peter doesn’t like any barriers. He likes to get into anything. He can pick locks. Both mechanical and digital. He can get into a suspect’s head. Detect lies, intimidate, whatever it takes. He is specialized with security. He can hack into computers and dig out anything hidden on a computer. If it is well encrypted, he considers it fun to get past the security. However, there aren’t many encryption codes that are very challenge for him.
When it comes to physical objects in his way, he has a favorite saying. “Ready to Blow-It-Up or Punch-A-Hole!” Peter and Dick take turns picking locks, trying to beat the others time.
Once, Peter was arrested for urinating in public while intoxicated. His double-P names, “Peter Philip” became public knowledge. First his crew mates and later everyone started calling him, “Peter, the PP Waver.” Peter hates the nick-name but hopes that ignoring it will allow the novelty to wear off and be forgotten. Unfortunately, so far, that plan doesn’t seem to be working. He may never live it down.
A doctor: Dr. Seamai Pinelopy Slit
Being a doctor carries a great deal of respect. Especially since Dr. Slit is a physician of humans and a veterinarian, specializing in canines, felines and equines (dog, cat & horses). Upon meeting Seamai, she doesn’t seem like someone that spent years with her head buried in books. She’s a saucy, Asian, female in her mid-30s. A little plump but looks good, she knows it and how to play-it!
Seamai (Pronounced, "Sea"+"My") wears leather everything. It has the damage resistance of leather armor but only if she would keep the front zipped up. Seamai loves to show her cleavage. She could easily get whatever she wants, being a doctor. Seamai would prefer to get her way through her looks and charm. She never accidentally lets a breast fly-loose but men can’t help but watch and hope. Somehow, even the wives of the men she flirts with can’t help but love her, too.
Seamai has a faithful dog that follows her everywhere. His name is, Teeth. A very friendly dog but upon command, :Teeth will, “Smile.” Most people laugh when they see the trick but that is often just an uncomfortable response. The sight will usually cause a tiny bit of terror in the middle of the stomach that can take a while to force the feeling to go away.
These three are well known as hunters of pirates and smugglers. They have a spaceship that has to be carried by larger starships. They are too well known to pirates to have their own starship. The pirates would run and hide as soon as they entered a star system and only come out after they have left. A waste of their talents to just be escorts for other ships. Once a starship enters a star system, their spaceship will disembark and start their own investigations of the area.
Now, two new members: A new leader and young cadet.

A new leader: Professor Hide Bernard Fin-Grinner
Hide is a really good diplomat. He has the gift of gab. After a few words from him and before you realize it you’ve told him your family history and all its darkest secrets. He can rub elbows with high society, military and high ranking police officials. He can interrogate suspects, getting information they didn’t know they had. He’s a crack pilot, too. A born leader and teacher.
The young cadet: Miss Fonda Ray Peters
Fonda is a teenage girl who followed Hide from the academy to this, their first assignment. She had a strange life. Her records are kept strictly confidential. In her security search upon entering the academy, it was discovered that her history didn’t exactly match her application. She was never confronted about it because of what was discovered in their background check. Shortly before Miss Peters ‘paper-trail’ started, there was an escape from a psychic research center, off-world. The escapee was a girl about the exact age of Fonda and the time difference would allow for her travel time. When it was discovered what Fonda’s talents were, it was decided to seal her records and never question her about her past. If no one looks again, it is less likely the search will trigger a flag as to where the prize escaped, psychic girl disappeared to. It is pretty obvious that she IS the escapee from the psychic research center.
Miss Peters can shapechange into a variety of creatures and even shapechange others, too! Each creature shape has its own benefits. The Great Gorilla is the muscle to carry the weight. The Raccoon for getting into small places yet still have hands. The raccoon even comes with its own natural mask. The Tiger for close combat with natural weapons. The Giant Eagle for long flight and able to carry a little weight, too. And, the Dolphin for swimming long distances.
Unfortunately, strange things happen around or to Fonda. It’s like she is a magnet for the weird stuff and people. As a pirate hunter, this might prove helpful.
Being the new leader, Hide knows of Fonda’s talents and encouraged her to reveal her abilities with the rest of the crew. They each have taken turns being shapeshifted to other creatures so they will be familiar with their new talents when the need arises. Shapechanging herself or others is very tiring for Fonda. The rest of the crew understand it will only be used when needed.
Psionics are known to exist in the Traveller Universe. Not on Terra, too often but it is well known that the Vilani Empire has laws against anything to do with psychic research. A race of humans are somewhere on the other side of the empire that has great psychic institutions to teach their own citizens. The idea of two humans with great power that want to use that power for the benefit of law is accepted by the original three of the group. The young cadet is kind of strange but it is dismissed as eccentricities of growing up with such fantastic abilities.


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