Door to the left

Door to the left is a bedroom. Two single beds. Two dressers with clothes for kids. One male, under 10 years old. One female, into puberty but still very young. A HoloVision set is here. The remote is on the foot of one of the beds. There is a camera in the corner of the bedroom.

Sliding doors to a long closet. Clothes for any season for a young boy and a teenage girl. Rows of shoes. Boxes of toys for a variety of ages. On either side of the closet are cupboards, floor to ceiling of blankets, sheets, etc. in the upper halves. The lower shelves have toys and games. The girl has a hidden diary, written on toilet paper.

Evidence is found of a pet mouse that is no longer here. A hole is chewed through the cardboard box, used for a cage. The food in the box is dried and very old. Food was added but also not eaten.

A desk with two drawers to the left, one long drawer on the right. Rolling chair in front of the desk. There is a very old computer on the desk with flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse. All with wires. The computer is a tower style. The old CD tray is open. It appears the CD drive was removed and worked on recently. A computer game on CD is on the desk.
Looking at the Kids Computer
and trying the Game CD
Reading the Diary
Past the security door

Door to the left

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