Maintaining PEACE in the galaxy!

Okay. Maintaining the validity of a few lines in a peace treaty. We do what we can.

Hunting pirates and smugglers.

A third Interstellar Wars has just ended. It was very costly for both sides. Resources, equipment and lives. A treaty was signed that, among other things, restricts Terran merchants from undercutting Vilani’s established trade route prices. Pirates violating that treaty could lead to yet another costly war. Can you imagine, a few greedy individuals jeopardizing the welfare of billions?
We might not catch them all but we can put a dent where it counts the most to them. If they aren’t making enough credits for piracy to be profitable, they’ll have to find another trade.
We started with only three; the x-private-eye, the explosives-expert and a doctor (and don’t forget, Teeth, her dog).
The latest; A new leader and an oddball, teenage, girl, fresh out of the academy. Rumor has it, the girl has some kind of psychic powers.
Together, in the struggle of maintaining peace in the galaxy!
(Okay, to maintain the validity of a few lines in a peace treaty. We do what we can.)

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A little FOOTNOTE: I created these characters with “GURPS Character Assistant” 4th edition.
After creating the characters, I drew the pictures. (My drawings, not pirated) The birds-eye-view of a random house was captured from my camcorder while flying.

Maintaining PEACE in the galaxy!

The crew