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Point of interest

Aerial – Points of Interest

September 27, 2010 10:35<!— post-header —>

The economy of the moon has not jumped to suggest any new, large operations in the area. This is just a routine fly-by. (Scroll down to view 2 maps)

Here is a road that ends at a two bedroom house. Not interesting at all unless you notice so much discolored earth behind the garage. Enough to suggest a HUGE underground complex. The discoloration if fading, suggesting the digging has stopped. The garage could house a landing vessel inside but only one. The odds are slim this is a pirate base.

Personal Records
All this started because of an aerial photo that shows the dirt is freshly moved and there is a lot of it. No mining rights are registered anywhere near by. No heavy equipment has been in the area. At least not rented, purchased or hired. Officially, no one has been to the property in 17 years. Starbase security doesn’t keep video records that long. No one ever checks the post office box. No photos of either of the elderly couple can be found.
Searching through records are done. All that can be done sitting behind a computer is finished. Registered blueprints are available. It is time to go to the surface to investigate, up close and personal.
Seamai checks her equipment before letting Dick secure it. Dick locks down the gear in the spaceship, getting ready to enter the atmosphere. Hide does the pre-check list before entering the atmosphere. Fonda strap herself in. Peter is last to get seated as he says his usual battle-cry, “Ready to Blow-It-Up or Punch-A-Hole!”



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